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FREE SHIPPING with $15 Purchase
FREE SHIPPING with $15 Purchase
Dexcom G7:  Good Thing do come in small packages.

Dexcom G7: Good Thing do come in small packages.

Upgraded technology making living with diabetes a bit easier. 

The Design:
The Dexcom G7 will look much different from its predecessors with a new design. The fully-disposable system will come as an all-in-one transmitter and sensor. Once your sensor is ‘done’, peel it off and throw it out. No more digging through the trash!



Dexcom Improvements that Matter:

The Dexcom G7 will have an even shorter warm-up period: Just 30 minutes!  Users and followers will appreciate this shorter time.   As a recommended vendor, we have designs ready to support wearing your new G7. 



 As always, GrifGrips is not just a patch, and is eligible for Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Spending Account (HSA) reimburse. 


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