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Our Story and Updates & News

About Us

Like so many out there, we were thrust into the world of diabetes when our young son was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 9. We love the amazing technology offered by his pump and CGM that helps him stay active.  While we love the technology, the technology did not love summers in the south.  We left many an Omnipod at the bottom of a pool!  We struggled to find a gentle, secure solution for keep his cool tech in place that also let him be a kid. From that need, came GrifGrips.


GrifGrips was born in the small southern city of Huntsville, Alabama which is better known for its love of rocket science.  With the help of several NASA engineers, our first challenge was finding a way to keep tech secure for diabetics. From that need, GrifGrip Patches were created to be strong, secure, gentle, breathable,cost effective and most of all, let people move!  This spirit of innovation has guided us to develop products for diabetics that make life easier, prepares them for the next adventure, and of course, fills everyone with joy and laughter. Come on, how can your day be bad with a butterfly on your stomach?

GrifGrips still calls Huntsville, Alabama home and produces all our products here in the Deep South. We treat all of our customers like they are family. The good kind of family.

Our motto is Play Hard & Adventure On!  And we do this at every opportunity!

We're always interested in hearing about new adventures of people living with diabetes and finding new fun and exciting products to make our escapades better or more enjoyable. So drop us a line at and say hello. Or check us out on Facebook Twitter and say hello.

We would love to hear from you! 



Causes & Charities We Support

We want to be out of business because the ones we love no longer have to live with Type 1. Until that happens, we will continue to donate to those groups working to cure and support those living with Diabetes.  To do that, we proudly support Camp Seale Harris and many other wonderful organizations!


Please contact us if you think we can help!