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Free Samples for Health Care Professionals, Clinics, and Camps

As a trusted provider of adhesive products for CGMs, Dexcom, Omnipod, and Libre, GrifGrips understands the importance of ensuring that health care professionals have access to the best tools for their patients. That's why we offer free samples exclusively for health care professionals.

Our adhesive products are designed to securely hold CGMs and other medical devices in place, providing comfort and reliability for patients. With a wide range of formulas and designs, you can find the perfect grip to meet the unique needs of your patients.

By offering free samples, we aim to give health care professionals the opportunity to try out our products firsthand and see the benefits they can provide to their patients. We believe that by experiencing the quality and effectiveness of our adhesive products, you can make informed decisions about recommending them to your patients.

To request your free samples, simply fill out the form on our website with your information. We will review your request and send you a selection of our adhesive products to try. Please note that free samples are available for health care professionals only and are subject to availability.

At GrifGrips, we are committed to supporting health care professionals in providing the best care for their patients. We value your expertise and dedication, and we want to ensure that you have access to the tools you need to enhance patient comfort and satisfaction.

Thank you for your commitment to improving the lives of your patients. We look forward to providing you with free samples of our adhesive products for CGMs and other medical devices.

Not a Health Professional? – Ask your Nurse or Educator to request samples on your behalf.