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Save 25% on ORDERS $35 Code: SUMMERLOVIN
Save 25% on ORDERS $35 Code: SUMMERLOVIN

Our Tape Adhesive Formulas

There is only one YOU and what YOU need for your skin grip is unique. We get it! We offer FIVE different adhesive options so you can find what works best for you with every situation. Our superior grip adhesive formulas are gentle but effective, offering protection for your infusion set, CGM or medical device. We offer the best adhesive solutions.  Looking   for the right skin grip for your Dexcom, Guardian, Omnipod, or Libre? Grifgrips has you covered!
    Offering superior skin grip technology with five different adhesive formulas so you don't have to settle.
    No two people are the same. This is why we provide five different adhesive formulas. Marathon? Sensitive skin? Night on the town? We’ve got you covered. Safely tested and manufactured in the USA, each Grip is made with love ❤️
    Super Skin Grip technology to secure you insulin pump, omnipod, dexcom, libre and more. Our customers love us because we offer superior adhesive - often called the best.