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Smaller Adhesive Grips for Toddlers & Babies

Smaller Adhesive Grips for Toddlers & Babies

Parents of children under six with diabetes face challenges managing blood sugars, dosing correctly, and keeping technology like Dexcom in place.  Unfortunately, we know that the incidence of type 1 diabetes (T1D) is increasing among young children (). 

To help address the unique challenges of parents with young children, we have created a collection of adhesive skin grips that are right-sized for smaller frames. They are offered in special designs and materials to help engage the little ones, hopefully making the process easier for both parents and children. 

Which Adhesive Formula is Best?

We understand that people have sensitive skin, sweaty skin, soft skin, honestly, different skin! We have created multiple formulas to give you options to find what works best for you. For younger children, we recommend our Extreme or Xtend formulas as both are gentle, yet effective. For those who are sensitive to dyes, we suggest out Pure & Simple. 

For further recommendations, please reach out to our experienced, sensor wearing support team for more information -

GrifGrips' Adhesives for Younger Children

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