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Flexstay Naturals: Choose your Skin Tone & Shape

$ 15.95

Flexstay Naturals Adhesive Formula is going to be your new favorite for anytime, anywhere.  This material is made to move, ensuring you never feel pulling and tugging like you often do with other patches. We know it's not just a patch. It's key for keeping you happy, safe, and healthy! 

    Product Details:

    • Shape's: Can be selected in Spot, Circle, Oval, or Small Sports (Tailored Rectangle)
    • Select what size package you would like
    • Stretchy material works for those with even the most delicate skin 
    • Light feel of the Flexstay secures your device without worry
    • Can be used with Libre, Dexcom, Omnipod, Guardian, or any infusion set 


    Features & Benefits