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GrifGrips Instructions - Applying Grips to keep your Omnipod, CGM or other device in place

The key to applying the GRIFGRIP is about getting good coverage both on the device and the surrounding skin areas. This will allow the GRIP to be in the best position for securing the devices from impacts that would normally disengage the device.   The second key thing to remember is that the adhesive needs time to adhere to the skin.

We recommend at least 1 hour prior to water or heavy sweating activities.

Remember the GRIFGRIP will stretch and move with you.


 Step 1: 

Based on the placement of your device, determine the best orientation of the GRIP to give you maximum skin coverage.

Step 2: 

Peel the tape backing off of the GRIP to the point where the GRIP Window gives you enough area so that you can see the device and have a good target placement site.

Step 3: 

Using the window place the tape where it is both adhering to your device and the Window gives you proper sight to your required pump tube or cannula site.  

Step 4:

Adhere the tape to the skin and hold while you remove the remainder of the backing, then adhere the full GRIP to your device and surrounding skin.

Step 5:

Emergency!  The tape folded onto itself.   Relax, the adhesive will not set immediately and you have some time to stretch it out and reposition the GRIP to your skin.

Step 6: 

Okay, now the hard part….. Wait 1 Hour to allow the adhesive to adhere to the skin before having fun!


To Remove a GRIFGRIP

Our product was designed to stay in place, but come off with as little issue as possible.  GRIFGRIPs are made of special cotton blend fabric. To remove the GRIFGRIP, use either coconut oil or some olive oil and rub on the outside of the patch and let  the oil absorb through.  This will make removing the GRIFGRIP much easier!

Time to Play Hard & Adventure Onward!!