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Relaxed Variety Packs (25 GrifGrips Adhesive Patches)

$ 25.95

Discover the elegance of freedom and style with the Relaxed Variety Pack of 25 GrifGrips Adhesive Patches. With these luxurious patches, you can choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your every mood. Perfect for any occasion, you'll be able to express yourself and your personal flair in a sophisticated and tasteful way.

We love this combo for an elegant statement. This combo includes 25 Grips in the patterns shown below. We love the peaceful flowers, got anywhere nude, and the subtle hints of colors. 


Product Details:

  • Dimensions:  3" h x 3 " w
  • Shape Included:  Spot or circle
  • Contains 25 grips in your choice of adhesive  

Features & Benefits