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Grips for Dexcom - G6 & G7

Securing your Dexcom makes life easier. Shop this collection to find the right GrifGrips adhesive made especially for your Dexcom. 

We offer hundreds of adhesive tape designs that are waterproof and long lasting for your Dexcom CGM. Our adhesive patches are available in six different types of adhesive so you can use what works best to help keep your Dexcom in place.  

All of our Dexcom CGM patches specially designed to cover and keep your sensor safe for more than 10 days depending on wear. 

  • Crusher Alien Grip - GrifGrips

    Crusher Alien Grip

    $ 7.95

    Crusher is a friendly being from another galaxy. Crusher is man's best friend. He will stick with you until you are ready to change him out.  Produ...

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  • Rocket Grip - GrifGrips

    Rocket Grip

    $ 7.95

    A few of us at GrifGrips have a long history with the American space program.   Bottom line, we love rockets and space exploration!!!    Our Rocket...

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