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Weekly Favorites - Gearing up for Fall

Weekly Favorites - Gearing up for Fall

Our team has been busy fulfilling order this week – but don’t fret. We’re still taking time to highlight a few of the products we love.

Clearly Tape:

We got it - zombies and glowers are not your thing. We’re excited to share more about our grip tape Clearly.

Clearly offers our wearers a simple, clear tape solution. This latest GrifGrips Formula gives the wearer an option to have a low profile, lightweight feel for their device while providing maximum adhesion. You can get Clearly packs in ovals, wraps, spot circles, and large circles. Check out the options here.

Tiny Grips:

As a type 1 family, our hearts are with the youngest Type 1 Warriors and their families. What that in mind, we’ve created a line of tiny grips. They come in circles (with lots of design options), hearts, stars, pirates, and even dinosaurs (for a roaring good time!). These sweet grips are perfect for the precious tiny type 1 warrior in your life. More details here.

Fall ‘til Spring Pack:

Are you a planner at heart? Then this is time and pack for you. Our Fall ‘til Spring Combo Pack contains all you need to show your holiday spirit starting with Halloween and wrapping up with our favorite spring flower – the gardenia. The pack comes with 30 grips (five of each shape). See what other shapes come in the pack here.

We hope you love this week’s favorites! Now time to get back to getting your grips custom made and out the door to your mailbox.