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Strength in Every Sip: The G. Jordan Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Mug

$ 19.95
Experience a mug that goes beyond the ordinary. Created by G. Jordan, who spent a decade living with Type 1 diabetes, this mug is a symbol of the strength, resilience, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with this invisible disease.

Add a splash of color to your morning coffee or tea ritual with these stunning ceramic mugs. Not only do they boast a beautiful design, but they also feature a vibrant rim, handle, and interior. Your mug rack is about to get a serious upgrade!

Key Features:

Meaningful Design: Every sip from this mug is a reminder of the journey, the highs, the lows, the moments of sadness, and the bursts of joy that come with managing Type 1 diabetes. It's a tribute to the strength within us all.

Choose Your Size: Available in two convenient sizes, you can opt for the 11 oz mug (3.79" in height, 3.25" in diameter) or the 15 oz mug (4.69" in height, 3.35" in diameter) to suit your preference.

Splash of Color: The colored rim, handle, and inside of the mug not only add a pop of personality but also make it easy to identify your favorite mug in a crowded cupboard.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Practicality meets style with this mug. It's easy to clean in the dishwasher, and it's safe for use in the microwave, ensuring convenience in every sip.

Share the Message: This mug is more than just a vessel for your favorite beverages; it's an opportunity to raise awareness about Type 1 diabetes and the strength it takes to navigate this condition.

Support the cause and add a piece of G. Jordan's inspirational journey to your daily routine. Whether you're sipping a soothing tea or your morning pick-me-up, let this mug be a reminder that strength is found in every sip. Order yours today and make your coffee break more meaningful.