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Space: Star Grip

$ 6.50

Exploring the universe has always been a big dream of anyone who has looked up at the night sky.   Stars, planets, and galaxies so close to see, but so far away from our grasp.    Our Star Grip represents the spirit of hidden potential and reaching for the unknown, finding new technologies, new cures, & new ways to elevate ourselves and achieve the impossible.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 4.5" h x 3.9" w 
  • Signature Stretchable Material
  • Fabric Blend Allows Skin to Breath

Recommended: Smaller Pump/CGM sites - Not Recommended for the Omnipod.

Coverage: Light
Quantity: Package of 5

Mix and Match Colors - You can select up to two colors to include in your package.

Additional information about Internal Cuts.