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Mai Time 2 Combo: Choose Your Formula plus Original - Pineapple, Sun and Cherry Blossom Shapes (30 Pack)

$ 28.95

"Mai Time" because, well it is five o'clock somewhere...

This combo contains 30 grips in your choice of GrifGrips' Power-X or Extreme Formulas,  PLUS our Original Formula! (5 each)

Served up with a mix of pineapples, cherry blossoms, and suns. Must be 21 or older to order... Joking of course!


Pineapple: 5.8" h x 3.5" w

Cherry Blossom: 3.8" h x 3.8" w

Sun: 4.0" w X 4.0" h


    Recommended: Smaller Pump Sites & CGM sites

    Package of 30

     Additional information about Internal Cuts.