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Llamanade Cuddle Pal & Grips: Choose Your Formula (15 Pack)

$ 27.95

Llamanade, Llamanade, Llamanade! Llamanade will be you most relaxing best friend that you want to stay in with anytime you need a little "me" time!  This package is a mix of basic ovals that will go anywhere and stylish foxes for when you need to step up your game! 

Customize by:

  • Includes the super special Llamanade Cuddle Pal
  • Includes 10 Ovals - Original and your formula choice
  • Choose your Formula
  • Choose your Device

Bedtime, nap time, or cuddle time has never been cozier with Warmies® cozy plush fox! The 13-inch plush fox is French-lavender scented and microwavable. Perfect for all ages, adults can use Warmies® to soothe mildly-aching joints and children will love their new gentle, lavender-scented friend.

  • Measures 13 inches long
  • Easy to use - simply microwave for up to 90 seconds
  • Stays warm all night long
  • French lavender sourced from Provence, France
  • Can be reheated hundreds of times
  • Clean with damp sponge - washing machine or water submersion is not recommended
  • Perfect for all ages!

Features & Benefits