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Flexstay Adhesive Formula - Choose Your Device

$ 6.55

A GrifGrips FAVORITE is our Flexstay Adhesive Formula. Choose your shape and device for a custom wear experience. This is no just a patch for your sensor. This is the ultimate experience. It's low profile adhesion makes this feel like it melts into your skin for a "not there" feel. 


Item currently offered in Neutral Tan color. 

Please select your package size

Product Details:

  • We offer the Flexstay in three great shapes to fit your needs and include: Oval (3.2 X 4.2), Circle (4 X 4), and Spot (3 X 3)
  • Signature Stretchable Material that moves with you
  • Waterproof material extends the life of your site or CGM
  • Please select either three or five Adhesive Grip Patches for your package



Features & Benefits