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Support T1 in 2016 - You Pick!

An important part of the GrifGrips mission is to support people and families living with Type 1.   We love working with our customers to support every adventure and activity they pursue.  This year we have had the opportunity to help water polo players stay in the water, hockey players, hikers, kids playing at the beach, and many more!   We love hearing all of the stories and being a small part of the fun!

In addition, GrifGrips loves to support organizations that play a big part in both diabetes research and great causes that make a difference in the Type 1 community.   We are very proud of our charitable giving campaign, and in 2015 we proudly supported JDRF and Camp Seale Harris. 

Looking forward to 2016, we need your help. We would love to hear your thoughts on non-profits supporting those living with Type 1 that we should support. Every year is a year to give back and we look forward to funding more research, camps, and other causes that bring fun, adventure, and happiness to the lives of all those impact by Type 1.  Please email us with your ideas.

We wish everyone a wonderful New Year! 
Stephanie and Patrick Jordan - Co-Founders GrifGrips