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Here are some questions that we frequently get. Please email us with additional questions. We are always here to help!

Q. Are GrifGrips reusable?

A. The goal of the Grip is to take some of the load off of the device adhesive and act as kind of a shock absorber for impacts to the pump or CGM.    Each Grip is designed for one time use for an individual pump or CGM site then discarded when you change sites. The various cuts allow you to easily change your GrifGrip without impacting your device.

Q. What is the difference for the Cut and No Cut option on the Enlite/Guardian?

A. We offer two options for the Enlite/Guardian - cut and no cut. The cut option has an opening that exposes the joint of the sensor. The No Cut option is solid and goes over the entire device.

Q. Can you describe the different types of cuts available on a GrifGrip for Omnipod?

A.  The Omnipod is a large deivce. You can either cover the entire Pod - the No Cut option, request a View Window that has a small opening over the cannula area, the Omnistrap that has an opening at both ends for the pod, or the Full Cutout that leaves the entire Pod exposed. 


Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. YES!!! We will ship where ever you are!