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GrifGrips Summer Citrus Combo: Extreme - 10 Pack Grips Plus Grapefruit Blossom Collection

$ 24.95

The perfect summer combo doesn't exi... 😳 

Included are 10 awesome grips in our oval shapes as well as an amazing gift set from our friends at The Naked Bee! Supplies are limited, so get it while you can. 

(10) Oval Shaped Extreme Grips

    (1) 1.5 oz. Grapefruit Blossom Honey Hand & Body Lotion

    (1) 3.0 oz. Grapefruit Blossom Honey Ultra Rich Body Butter

    (1) Grapefruit Blossom Honey Lip Balm 

    *All Grips are Extreme Formula. Patterns may slightly vary*