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Maxnificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees Book, Paw Grips and Cuddle Pal - Original Formula

$ 34.50

This wonderful combo features a hardcover Edition book, soft, cuddle, puppy, and a pack of paw grips!

More about Maxnificent! The Polka Dot Pyrenees Book

Appropriate for ages 2-92! Independent reading for ages 6 - 12

Meet Max. He's Different. Sound familiar?  We were lucky enough to have Dianne Burch and the star of her book, Max, visit us at diabetes camp last year and her story was amazing. It was an amazing hit! Loved by our our youngest campers and our senior staff!


"We ALL have spots!" Enjoy this fun story about learning to celebrate the things that make us different, told through the crazy antics of a group of rescued dogs and one cool cat! When Max has to have his hair shaved, he no longer looks like his friends anymore. After some crazy attempts to hide his secret, he learns through the wise Miss Boo that differences are to be celebrated. Join Max and his friends for a humorous read and a lasting lesson of self esteem and friendship for all boys and girls.

Combo contains 10 paw Grips, Book and Maxnificent Stuffie