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10: DINO LAND Combo - Large Cuddle Pal and Grips

$ 35.99

Dinosaurs are incredible. Their size, their grace! 

Combo includes 15 Grips in your choice of formula (T Rex and Oval shapes) plus a Dino Cuddle Pal!

This Cuddle Pal is ferociously large and lovable! Measuring 2 feet long, each dinosaur toy is covered in a cool, scaly-looking plush material with a corduroy belly. But, don't mistake the scaly appearance for a rough exterior, these jumbo-sized dinosaurs make great cuddle buddies and playtime pals. Better grab them quick before they are extinct!

Omnipod Users: Please note that all orders for Omnipod will be shipped with oval shapes only. 

Product Details:

  • This combo includes the shapes show in the picture which is perfect for all CGMS, infusions sets. as well as other pumps.
  • Contains 15 grips in your choice of adhesive formula. Set includes five (5) Original Grips and 10 of your selected formula.
  • Fun shapes that grip your skin and provide protection for your site. 
  • Please note that the shape for Omnipod will vary. 

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