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Jumping Jerimiah Combo: Frogs and Lily Pads Shapes - 15 Pack - Power-X & Original Formula with Cuddle Pal)

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$ 29.99

Blood sugars jumping around? We hear you! Grab Jerimiah and buckle up.  

  • 15 grips in special edition patterns including lily pads (5) and frogs (10) in Original tape and Extreme or Power-X
  • Includes green lily pads and funky frogs
  • Plush Stuffed Jerimiah The Frog 

This plush frog is sure to to be favorite to cuddle! His wide smile can't help but make you feel happy.

  • Measures approximately 12 inches tall
  • Super Soft lovely green frog with no slime
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

We HOPE you Love Jerimiah!!!

*Power-X Formula. Patterns may slightly vary*