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POP POP for Infusion Sets and CGM Devices: Choose Your Formula - Circle Grip(20 Pack)

$ 19.95

Blood sugar high? Pop. Blood sugar low? Pop. Blood sugar ok? POP 

Get this Toy Grip combo and POP away your stress! This combo comes with a total of 20 Grips - Power-X or Extreme and Original. 

  • 10 Printed Grips in this fabulous retro pattern in either Extreme of Power-X Grips
  • 10  Original Grips in assorted colors. 
  • Includes one (1) Push & Pop™ sensory gadget is perfect for kids to use when they need a little brain break.

    The bubbles give a satisfying popping sound and keep little hands occupied. The lightweight and compact size makes this toy great for travel, waiting rooms, or on-the-go. Made from durable silicone that is soft and flexible. Great for kids and adults alike who suffer from ADHD, stress, anxiety, and offers sensory play that includes touch, hearing, and fine motor skills.