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The GrifGrips Fab SIX Sampler: Ovals - 6 Count

$ 5.00

GrifGrips Has You Covered

No two people are the same. This is why we provide six different adhesive formulas. Marathon?  Sensitive skin? Night on the town? We’ve got you covered.

Not sure which formula is right for you? The GrifGrips Fab SIX Sampler is the perfect way to try all 6 of our products. Just choose your medical device in the dropdown and you're good to go.

Product Details:

  • Shapes will include ovals, circles, or spots
  • Quantity: Package of 6
  • Choose Your Device for Internal Cut
  • Combo Includes one (1) each of all six (6) Formulas for a total of six (6) Grips
  • Extreme and Power-X Grips Feature GrifGrips themed patterns
  • Safely tested and manufactured in the USA, each Grip is made with love

*Colors, Patterns, and Shapes Will Vary. Changes are made upon the device selected.*

    About the Formulas

    StayFlex:  Designed for all situations with adhesive that moves/screeches with you, is gentle on skin, and allows worry-free device wear. Comes in a range of colors and prints. 

    Original: Offers a fabric cotton blend adhesive with 8-way stretch
    for comfort and movement. Gentle, breathable and water resistant
    adhesive. Available in over 14 color options and hundreds of shapes
    and sizes.

    Pure & Simple: Designed to be a water-resistant adhesive option,
    no pigments, no dyes. This woven fabric mesh is breathable and
    extra gentle on the skin. This option is best for people with delicate
    skin who need extra support.

    Power-X: Created to be a low profile, comfortable material, this is a
    water-resistant, micro porous rayon material. It is available in
    hundreds of fun patterns and shapes and offers a very thin option
    for long term wearables.

    Extreme: Provides comfort and holding power with our
    SUREGRIP™ technology. This highly compact mesh fabric goes the
    distance with a strong water-resistant adhesive that offers ultimate
    staying power but remains flexible and breathable.

    Clearly: So Zombies and Flowers are not your thing…we get it. We
    are now offering our wearers a simple, clear tape solution. Clearly
    gives the wearer an option to have a low profile, lightweight feel for
    their device while providing maximum adhesion.