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Save 25% on ORDERS $50. Code: SPRINGSALE
Save 25% on ORDERS $50. Code: SPRINGSALE
GrifGrips Guest Artist: Josie

GrifGrips Guest Artist: Josie

We are in love with our new print from Josie!

Josie is a grad student with an eye for design. She designed this amazing, creative print for us!

Her design can be applied to any of our > Power X Collection Grips <

We've also created a special Halloween themed pack using Josie's pattern "Serenity".

Be sure to check out the adventures of Josie and her service wonder dog, Jeter - on > Instagram

Enjoy this chat we had with Josie!

1. What do you do?

I work as a Research Coordinator for the Poultry group at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am also a graduate student! I’m studying Animal Science, focused on Nonruminant Nutrition (chickens! I’m studying laying hen nutrition). I plan to finish my Masters this fall and start a PhD in the spring! 

2. What’s your favorite activity?

That depends on the day! Some days I’m feeling adventurous and love to kayak or visit the zoo or a garden or just relax at the beach. Other days,

my happy place is just cuddling with Jeter and watching a movie. 

3. Where do you call home?

Right now Lincoln, NE is my home! I’m originally from southern Missouri, I moved here years ago for school, but I have loved being in Lincoln so far!

4. What’s your passion?

In general, science. More specifically, nutrition really intrigued me. From laying hen Research to formulating a balanced raw diet for Jeter, I find it all so fascinating! 

I should probably introduce you to Jeter! Jeter is a Medical Alert and Response Service Dog. He alerts to rising/falling/high/low blood glucose values and high/low heart rates. From diabetes to dysautonomia and back and spinal cord injuries, Jeter does several tasks to help with everything. I’m a bit of a medical mess, but Jeter keeps me going strong and safe! 

I started drawing zentangle years ago as a relaxation exercise. It taught me to calm my mind and just let things flow out into patterns. So, I start each design with a favorite pattern, and then just go with the flow! 

I have a TSlim pump and a Dexcom G6! I also have Jeter and I work on various diet and exercise tactics to try and keep it between the green lines.

Follow Josie and Jeter on Instagram HERE

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