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History Teacher, Mentor and Coach: Meet Coach Raymond Critchelow

My name is Raymond Critchelow. I am 48 years old, married to Missy, and father of 3 girls (Mariah, Jada, Brooklyn). I work at Breckinridge County High School in Kentucky where I teach History & help coach girls basketball. At school, I also serve as a mentor to our diabetic students and assist in our county’s Upbete Day which is a day dedicated to all type 1 students from all levels of school.


I was diagnosed with type 1 in 1991 when I was 19 years old—-halfway through my first year at college. I came home one weekend, went to the doctor, & he prescribed me insulin & syringes. A friend of the family came over to show me how to take an injection. That was my education & training for Type 1. I dropped all sugars from my diet & made sure to eat after I took injections of insulin. 


I have been on a Medtronic insulin pump for the last 17 years thanks to an Endocrinologist who told me to do it...said he’s never seen someone go to a pump and ask to be switched to injections again. I have always upgraded (when insurance allows) & maintain a 6.0 or lower A1C. When I was allowed to upgrade to the Medtronic 670g pump with Guardian sensors, I was super excited but nervous to allow the pump to adjust insulin as needed. The first couple of sensors went fine, but with each one after that, the tape irritated my skin so bad that it was painful to wear. I told my nurse practitioner, Vanessa Paddy, that if I didn’t find a tape that wouldn’t hurt that I was going to stop wearing the CGM sensors.

I was told to try GrifGrips by a representative from Medtronic. My wife and I immediately went to the website, created an account, and placed an order. They have been wonderful and have allowed me to continue to wear my CGM sensors. GrifGrips offer such a variety of Grips. Since I am a basketball coach, I even personalize some during the season with our school mascot. The sport grips and extreme  have been my go-to Grips, and they have allowed me to continue doing the things I enjoy like swimming in our pool and coaching.

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