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Henna Art Inspired GrifGrip

Henna Art Inspired GrifGrip

Henna Art Inspired Grips

Summer 2021 is set to be a hot one, so make sure you’re set with the latest fashion trend – a Henna Art GrifGrip.

What we love about them:

As a Type 1 diabetic family, we know that this disease can make us feel crummy. And that’s okay. We also know that little bits of sunshine can brighten our days. This Henna Art GrifGrip is inspired by the tradition of applying Henna to a bride’s hands and feet as a mean of cooling the nerve endings in her body on the big day!

About the Grips:

Our Henna Art GrifGrips come in 3-inch circles. Each pack (on sale for $17.95) comes with 20 grips in four varieties. They are brown, green, red, and blue-purple. We can customize them to come in either the Power-X or Extreme formulas and a variety of cuts.

This summer is bound to be one like no other. As a Type 1 diabetic, you deserve a bit of fun and fashion.

Do you have this grip already? Show it off on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok – use the hashtag #grifgrips – and we’ll send you a surprise.

Visit this page on our website to make an order today!